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The Gurus in non-sikh texts

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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

Please share any writings written from 15-18. century regarding the Gurus.

Guru Nanak in Ismaili muslim texts from 15. century:

Bhrahm Prakaash by Peer Shams:

or naanakshaah ne paayaa - ek naam nishva karine dhyaayaa.........................................47

And Nanak Shah attained peace; he practiced the word with conviction


saahebjee ke naam ana(n)taa - ni(n)daa tajee bhaje sohee sa(n)taa...........................120

The name of the Lord is infinite and indescribable; the one who remembers it having discarded slander and backbiting is indeed a saint.

agam neegam puraann kuraanaa - saaheb mahimaa bhaa(n)khat naanaa....................121

Ancient sacred vedas, the Quran and the teachings of Naanak have all discussed the Divine mysteries.

apanee kudarat aap peechhaane - hakakee hikamat or najaane.................................122

Only the Divine can know its own nature (or mysteries). No one else can know the Divine Plan.

Translated by an ismaili muslim.

I am currently looking for a translation on the Caitanya-bhagavata on Guru Nanak, also written during the times of the Gurus.

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Can someone please give the lines of Bulleh Shah on Guru Gobind Singh.

Here are some lines by Baba Bulle Shah. Forgive errors if any...

Naa kahu ab ki, naa kahu tab ki

Agar na hote Gobind Singh, to sunnat hoti sab ki

I don't say about the present or past, but if Guru Gobind Singh wasn't there, everyone would have been circumsized (i.e. forcibly converted to Islam).

Here are some by Alayaar Khan. These are pretty much the actual words, but please forgive any minor errors.

Yeh pyaar mureedo se, yeh shafakkat bhi kahi hai

Bhagton mein Guru arsh hai, sansaar zameen hai

What a love for one's followers! The Guru is the sky among devotees, and the entire world is the earth, i.e. Gurujee is highest among bhagats.

Ulfat ke yeh jalwe, kabhi dekhe nahi hum ne

Haan dekhna ek baat, sunay bhi nahi hum ne

These stunts of love, I have never seen! What to see, I haven't even heard of them!

Kattwa diye shish Shyam ne Gita ko sunaaker

Rooh phook di Gobind ne beto ko kataaker

Shyam refers to Shri Krishan, shish means followers/disciples. He says that Shri Krishan got his followers cut (killed in the Mahabharat war) by reciting the Gita, but Guru Gobind Singh infused spirit in His followers by getting His own sons martyred.

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