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Updesh Videos by Yugpursh Swami Parmanand Ji 'Giri'


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The following are three Updesh Katha divans by Yugpursh Swami Parmanand 'Giri' that took place in 2006 in the Nanaksar Gurdwara in Coventry.

I recommend the videos and audio of Swami Ji, it is very good.

The links to the videos are as follow;

Video 01


Video 02


Video 03



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Swami, is a title like, Pandit, Sant, Mahant. It is earned. I think TSingh can expand more on this.

Swami Brahmdev is an Udasi.

Swami Parmanad is a Hindu with links to the Nirmala Samparda through Sant Dalel Singh Ji Viakirt from what i have been told. His talks are really good along with his books. He gives a lot of good Katha discourses at the Barsi of Sant Dalel Singh Ji every year in Shahabpur.

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