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Interfaith Simran


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"This will be the true world religion of the future: singing the holy names of God in all languages and religions together, in unity. Doctrines will forever divide humanity, but music will forever unite humanity!"

This is what Kirtan as per Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji already does in the most beautiful and more importantly "divinely instructed" way possible.

Funny that we have to seek out new age fusions to find something that alreay exists in our home, but which we have made no effort to learn about or practice.

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Amardeep Ji, that is why Maharaj gave us such an all embracing and diverse Shabd Guru - in the most beautiful and relevant musical measures, so that tribalists could not create divide.

There is nothing stopping you from learning kirtan and singing any shabd you like with all the passion you can muster in Guru Ji's nirdhareth raag.

In this way, you can do simran in whichever shape or form you choose to, Guru Ji has given you many options - including Allah and Krishna.

I have yet to come across a Gurdwara which bans singing of any shabd, or Bhai Gurdas or Bhai Nand Lal Goya's literature. Or a Gurdwara which bans Muslims, Christians or Hindu's from singing along with shabds.

The Dukh Bhanjan event recently was a prime example, where over 2,200 people from all over the world had gathered to sing Vaheguru's praise, these included people of other faiths also.

Gurdwara/sangat had no problem, in fact the opposite, they did excellent seva all night lookinjg after their guests.

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There is more to interfaith that just singing ones own hymns.. Interfaith is when one looses his tribalistic ego and sings the hymns/prayers of other religions to... I have yet to see a Gurdwara that allows christian hymns, prases of Ram Chander and Krishna from the Gita etc etc.. this is interfaith... allowing others to sing along with Gurbani is not interfaith in the same sence..

i read a beautifil sakhi a few days ago where Guru Gobind Singh expelled a sikh from the sangat because he refused to sing praises of some yogi, due to the fact that he was a hindu..

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Amardeep, it is Vaheguru who has created the numerous faiths and divisions, did you ever think there maybe a reason for this?

Without all these different paths, how could one prove his subservience and loyalty to Akal Purkh i.e. by staying true to and seeking to understand his chosen "divinely revealed" (as opposed new age invented) path?

Without different paths and divisions, how can one learn tolerance, patience, love, humility... how can one learn what it means to see Vaheguru in every jeev?

The real wisdom is reserved for those devoted individuals who learn the inner meaning of their respective faith, and with complete devotion, rise above this game and reach that plane where man is judged for his actions rather than his religious tradition - these beautoful souls exist in all paths, but they are rare as gems.

In any case, why would I want to sing a hymn invented by a man (not Jesus) as opposed to one given by God himself?

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