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Early 1800's 107 Sakhi's andBhai Gurdas Manuscript for sale

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I can't work out whether its a good thing or a bad thing to sell this stuff on ebay. I remember seeing an unidentified manuscript copy of Swami Anandghan Udasi's famous Gurbani Tike described as a compilation of gurbani or something on there a few years back. I hope i'm wrong, but from what i've seen in other places, i can only imagine its in a display cabinet somewhere with the new owner none the wiser.

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We both know that many famous manuscripts have disappeared in recent years.

I thought that it would be good if someone here may take interest with the aim of eventually sharing this precious material, unlike many other people who knowingly keep these treasures in their personal collections to collect dust or to use as negotiating tools to increase their collections.

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