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How many vedas

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Very quick question i am sure this will be a short thread. In referances in gurbani and katha done by various sadhus. However you have your four vedas :

Rig, Yujar, Atharvan and Sham but there are two Yujar Veds which are Shakula (white) and Krishna (black)

Are they considered to be one are they are almost identicle but the Krishna one has some additions.

Are we to consider the number of vedas to be 4 or 5?

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The Yajur-Veda

The Yajur-Veda ("Veda of sacrificial formulas") consists of archaic prose mantras and also in part of verses borrowed from the Rig-Veda. Its purpose was practical, in that each mantra must accompany an action in sacrifice but, unlike the Sama-Veda, it was compiled to apply to all sacrificial rites, not merely the Soma offering. There are two major recensions of this Veda known as the "Black" and "White" Yajur-Veda. The origin and meaning of these designations are not very clear. The White Yajur-Veda contains only the verses and sayings necessary for the sacrifice, while explanations exist in a separate Brahmana work. It differs widely from the Black Yajurveda, which incorporates such explanations in the work itself, often immediately following the verses. Of the Black Yajurveda four major recensions survive, all showing by and large the same arrangement, but differing in many other respects, notably in the individual discussion of the rituals but also in matters of phonology and accent.

It seems they are still part of the Yajur Veda, not separate additions to the Vedas themselves.

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I only pose this question as when you look at the Upanishads then the 108 are split between the 5 granths rather then four granths as you can see on wikipiedia.

Also in the book the message from the upanishads it shows that the Upanishads are there to help people grasp the meanings of the veds. 17 Upanishads give the knowledge of the Shakula Yujar Ved while 30 other Upanishads give the the learner a grasp of the teachings in the Krishna Yujar Ved.

Although the message convayed in each is Vedant, it seems to show a distinction in the teachings that the Upanishads are different to each granth.

Not trying to cause an issue of this just trying to understand it better.

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