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Nitnem/Naam Simran

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Depends on whether you have taken Khande da Amrit - in which case you should consult Panj Pyare.

Either way, I would say try and at least do Jap Ji Sahib and listen to remainder of NITNEM on an MP3 Player on your way to work, not ideal, but at least you would be sticking to your commitment (if you have made one).

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Try getting up earlier?

One time I had fallen into the habit of sleeping really late so waking up was a problem. A Mahapurkh told me I might as well stay awake after Kirtan Sohila, wait until 1215am, have an ishnan and do my simran/Paath before sleeping.

Funny thing is, I got Nitnem done and it was much easier getting up on time to go to uni. Give it a try if you can.

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