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Hope all are well! I am new to this forum and would like to firstly say that i hope god blesses you all and created more sikhs like youselves. Your Love and passion for Sikhism is great!

I do my sukhmani sahib in the mornings and i have some Senchiyaan at off of Sri guru Granth Sahib Maharaj. I would love toy start reading them on a morning. What i would like to know is would i have to do my nitnem prior to me reading them, or could i do ishnaan and read the banis.


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Welcome to the forum nayan veer ji,

Patt is patt veer, idea of nitnem is somewhat hijacked by ritualism, where people have pre-conceived notions that nitneem = 5 banis which is not correct.

Nit- Everyday, Neem- remember vahiguroo.

You can start your day with any banis you like after ishnaan, main idea is to vichar of them, go deeper into banis and try to understand what guru maharaj is saying via various steeks/teekas written by various mahapursh.

There used to be two mahapursh, one mahapursh used to do its nitneem within 15 minutes with its surati (which is faster than human being vichar capablity), other mahapursh used to do same nitneem in 5 hrs.

One may claim the first or second mahapursh have higher avastha but its wrong, their both avastha were same, one used to do bani with its surati and get the ras and other used to do bani with vichar, go really deep into each word and expereince it and get the same ras.

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Just to make what N30 said a bit clearer:

Yes, Nitnem is what you do everyday but it must include 5 Banis, Rehras and Sohila. Everything on top is extra.

Personally, I'd recommend having Ishnan, do your regular Nitnem, then the extra Paath. Reason being, you may find it hard at first to increase your daily Nitnem, so if you do the 'compulsory' Paath first then at least you won't break that cycle.

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