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what is this non-sense ?

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Dear Silence i suggest you take advice from your own username. Learn some science and you will learn that homosexuality is not something one chooses but is a choice ones body makes and is beyond their conscious control. Therefore its not going against the will of mahakaal as for your murder comment stop going to ridiculous extremes. Ones sexuality is not something that is influenced by external factors so shut the (space) up and think before you speak because such intolerance really gets on my tits!

If such an act was so unholy then eunuchs and khusre would be condemned in baani!

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there's a difference between something being in bhana (eg. person becomes / was born ill) and actually promoting that thing as normal.

I don't think there should be stigma against someone for being gay. But I think there is somethign wrong with gay relationship/marriage and there should be stigma against that.

Sorry, I don't mean offence.

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