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amrit sanchar panj piaray


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A few weeks ago, i came across a picture of the first amrit sanchar in Birmingham. It was held at Graham St Gurdwara and the 5 piaray included Sant baba puram singh ji kericho wale, Giani Amolak Singh Ji, Bhai Balbir Singh Sagoo Ji (bebe nanaki gurdwara and AKJ) . I was fascinated by this. In Bhai Rama Singh Ji's book, there is mention of Giani Amolak Singh Ji doing the seva of the 5 piaray in the Uks first ever amrit sanchar, in which keski was the 5th kakaar and naam dhrir (hands on head) was conducted, as per amrit sanchars organised by the AKJ.

Does this mean that Giani Ji's views changed regarding the Kes v Keski issue and the necessity of naam dhrir when he was doing the seva of the 5 piaray in the first GNNSJ organised amrit sanchar? At this sanchar, Kes was the kakkar and hands on head naam dhrir was not conducted ( I have spoken to a Singh who received amrit at this sanchaar).

Would value your comments. I do not wish to be controversial in anyway. I am simply trying to learn

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I would pose your question at Tapoban forum.

GNNSJ do not believe keski kakaar, they don't do naam dhrir AND they didn't allow females to wear keski during Baba Ji's days (not sure about now - I think they still advise against it).

It could be that Giani Amolak Singh was not as fanatical as some AKJ are today, and accepted diverstity in Guru's panth. In any case, I know Baba Puran Singh Ji had excellent relations with Baba Jarnail Singh Ji also (although not with the so called Khalistan cronies who used to travel around the UK trying to impose their opinions and collect money for campaign though) - Baba Puran Singh Ji and Jarnail Singh Ji disagreed on a few minorr points but still had immense respect for each other, this was also true for the Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa, Baba Ishar Singh Ji Rara Sahib etc generation.

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Many of the older Gursikhs respected the diversity within the Panth. Like the examples Shaeediyan has given above, in the old days different Sampardas would often send their students to other Sampardas to learn particular skills e.g. you would find Nihang Singh, Singhs from Bhai Daya Singh Ji Samparda and others all learning Santhiya from Damdaami Taksal.

Saying that, I don't know if anyone would have done 5 Piarey Sewa if there were differences in what they believed and the Rehat that was to be given.

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