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Bhagat Puran Singh

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Was just browsing the net and came across the book "A Garland Around My Neck", This is the story of Puran Singh. After doing a bit of research, l was amazed by this man.

We here about all types of sant's and giani's and how amazing they are, but this man made me speechless.

If anyone has info on this outstanding human being please let us all know.

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You are exactly right. There are many brave, famous and holy Sikhs who have graced our lives of the past 100 years, but for me personally, Bhagat Puran Singh Ji is in a class of his own - the most true epitome of nishkaam seva and prem in the tradition of Bhai Khanaya.

May Vaheguru give us all even 1% of Bhagat Ji's prem.

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