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Were did the symbol of sikhi cum from, the khanda.

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Were did the khanda originate from. I always though it should be replaced by the Ad Chand. And to tell you the truth, the saffron really bugs me of, because it should be navy or dark blue. The nishan sahib is the flag of the khalsa i.e the akali nihangs.

when and why did this replacement take place. Got a feeling the singh sabha movement were behind this screw up.

soz for any mistakes.

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Kesri rang alongside chitta and neela are historically documented to be common and favourites amongst the early panth, so no consipracy there.

Re the Khanda symbol, thats an interesting question, as far as I know and have seen, it was Bhai Randhir Singh that popularised it but I suspect it was created when Singh Sabha/SGPC took control and were busy moulding a revised identity for the Panth. Could be wrong.

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The old Nishan Sahib's did not have a Khanda on it. The old ones had some weapon maybe a kattar or a dagger symbol. During the Singh Sabha movement, the Khanda symbol became very popular because it combined 3 traditional Sikh weapons into one i.e. The Chakra, the Khanda sword and two Kirpans swords towards the side.

Personally I don't see anything negative about the Khanda symbol. It doesn't really go against Sikh traditions, in fact I would say that it's in line with Sikh traditions, which is why even many non Singh Sabha groups like the Damdami Taksal also support this symbol on their Nishan Sahib at Mehta.

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