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Guru Gobind Singh lineage


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many people have told me in bachittar natak guru gobind singh ji traces his lineage back to sri ram chandr's family. is this in bachitar natak or ramavatar? could someone giv eme a ballpark area of where it is?

furthermore, if this is true, in a literal sense, we must consider how ram chandar belong to tretayug.

does this mean these past yugs happened on earth? ie. ram ji actually travelled around in india, just along long time ago

if so, why do we not have artifacts of giant people (as mentioned in ramayana), and other such creatures?

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I recall an old friend of mine who's Dad used to claim that they found minature tools (Barbie Doll size) whilst doing khethi around 50 years ago.

I have this story from other people also.

Question is, were these minature people or just simply perfectly created and usable minature tools made by 'normal' folk....

Personally I think one should take old stories with a pinch of salt - India has a history of being the most colourful desh in the world - a lot of story telling is done creatively, imaginatively, poetically, allegorically, metophorically etc etc.

we shouldn't get stuck in the wallpaper, but take the essence/morals of the stories.

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