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Bloody hell! Its 1984 and 2002 all over again!

Mehtab Singh

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I had decided not to post any more news about how vanity is prevailing in Orissa, but sorry to YET AGAIN bore all of you with some more unpleasant truth about how humanity is getting raped in the land which was once known as the land of saints. Some of the parts in bold and underline remind me of 1984 and 2002.


Rajani Majhi, a 20-year-old Hindu, was gangraped before being burnt alive by a mob at the church-run orphanage in Orissa's Bargarh district where she worked, says a senior priest. They mistook her for a Christian.

"I am willing to testify in any court of law," T V Peter, procurator of the Sambalpur diocese in the western part of the state, said. The incident took place on August 25 as anti-Christian violence engulfed the state.

"Some policemen and locals were witness to the atrocities by a mob led by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal at the orphanage in Padampur village in Bargarh district. I went to the spot immediately afterwards and spoke to the witnesses. The mob thought she was a Christian girl but actually she was a Hindu and was adopted by a childless couple. She was working in the orphanage," said Peter.

Instead of rescuing the victims, the policemen remained mute spectators, alleged the priest.

Rajani was a student in Padampur Women's College and worked at the orphanage to finance her education. The orphanage, which was set ablaze by the mob, was meant for children of leprosy patients.

"Almost two years back, she joined the orphanage run by Jesuit priest Father Edward Secuira of our diocese to continue her studies," said Peter.

He related the sequence of events that started around 1.30 pm when Secuira was resting in an ante-room, adjacent to the boys' hostel in the orphanage.

"A group of attackers kept banging on his door. When he opened it, he was immediately dragged to the courtyard and brutally beaten up. Seeing Father Secuira being hit, Rajani and some children from the orphanage began running for their lives. But the mob did not let Rajani escape and gangraped her," Peter said.

"By that time, Father Secuira was locked in his room. All he could hear was Rajni's plaintive cries, 'Save me Father, I am spoilt now. They are going to kill me'," Peter recalled.

The mob left two hours after Rajani had been burnt to death. Secuira's bed had also been set ablaze by the mob, Peter said.

Asked what he planned to do now, Peter repeated his offer to testify in court, as "not many were likely to come forward to testify against the murderous mob especially in the present circumstances when the atmosphere is vitiated".

"The people are still being persecuted. We don't have any trust in the government," he added. Anti-Christian violence flared up in Orissa after the murder of VHP leader Laxmanananda Saraswati in the state's Kandhamal district Aug 23. The violence continues today, with extreme Hindu groups blaming Christians for the death, a charge the Christians have denied repeatedly.

Rajani's gangrape and murder came on the same day as a 28-year-old nun was gang-raped in Kandhamal district and a priest who tried to save her was beaten up and doused with kerosene before both were paraded naked, while a dozen policemen watched. Only on Friday did the state government order a probe into this incident, over a month after the nun gave her complaint in writing.

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I can't beleive that people would use rape as a weapon. Why attack innocent people?

I don't like Christian missionaries either. They have too many holes in their religion one can point to especially in their Bible. If Hindus saints and vidhvaans were to just get togather and counter them by Parchar, there is no way Christians can convert people. If anything, Hindus can reconvert many Indian Christians to their Dharm if only they try.

But they are not even trying. They are resorting to raping and killing people which goes against their own dharm that they are trying to "uphold". They are trying to recreate a Ram Rajya, but if Sri Ram were here on earth right now, he would be the first to kill these modern Asur Rakshas who are going around raping and killing people.

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