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Warrior Birth Initiation


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Many Moons ago Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowal wale told of an ancient ceremony of Indian warrior cultures.

When a child is born the very first thing that is given to it - even before water or mothers breast- is the milk of a lioness! To instill bir ras/courage etc.

Apart from the obvious question: how on earth do you get hold of a lions breastmilk?????

Does anyone know anything of this tradition and any other details??

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I've heard of something similar.

Once I heard that a Singh was doing Bhagti away from people in the jungle. He only lived in the jungle sort of like Rishis/Yogis remaining in meditaion all day. The animals who lived in the jungle were very friendly with him. Even the female tiger would offer him her milk when she would feed her cubs, plus he preffered milk from a female tiger. I don't know how true this is though. I was just a kid when I heard this.

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Who needs milk when we got naam power, Chandi Di Vaar, Shastarnaam mala. We aint just any warrior tradition, we are the ones who fight savaa lakh at a time!

Silence, we all know Sikh suppose to take khanda da amrit, no one is talking that khalsa should take milk initiation. Jatbot shared how sant jagjit singh ji harkhowale mentioned about how some Indian warrior traditions take this type of milk initiation to invoke bir ras in them and wants to inquire more about it, thats it nothing more or nothing less. No one is pushing this type milk initiation into no one's throat so please easy with rhetoric speech. Only thing about this topic is that this topic got posted into Sikhism question and answers section which has nothing to do with this section, so this topic was moved into general question and answer section.

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since when did akj's start believing in chandi di vaar and shastarnaammaala, hell must have frozen over!!!

I didn't realise that Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj taught us to continously categorise and generalise people, just view me as an individual please. Yes, my ideology does fit in with mostly akhand kirtani jatha, though I do disagree with one or two things related to the jatha, that would be mindless groupism.

Having said that, you do realise how much Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji used Dasam Bani in his writings? He even talks of reciting Chandi Di Vaar during a break out of jail.

N30 Sahib, I didn't mean it in the way you took it, maafee ji for not putting my message in a clearer fashion. It was really a more upbeat sort of remark in praise of the bir rasi gifts of Maharaj, less trying to insult any one else's traditions.

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