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Killings fields of daughters


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source: http://www.southasiapost.org/2008/20081031/analysis.htm

Killing fields of daughters

Indians pay lips service to gods and goddesses

Gobind Thukral - South Asia Post - October 31, 2008

MAN has made great strides in science and technology. He has not only touched moon, but has made tremendous progress in producing food, inventing new medicines and with better health care is increasing life span. Distances amongst the continents have shortened and man flies much more than the speed of sound. Look around how we travel, dress and then observe the means communication and television networks, all have revolutionised life. We can witness wars as these are fought, sitting in the cosy comforts of our drawing rooms. Remember American bombing and missile attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, it is difficult to keep count of the huge progress which human race has made. Man’s achievements are many and significant.

But it seems as civilization advances, humane culture declines. How would one explain otherwise the killing of daughters? Demographers and economists estimate that over a 100 million women have been killed globally by societies that prefer sons to daughters? While guns, bombs and gas chambers which were used to kill during World War II continue to kill, the genocide against women is carried through by abortions, drowning, strangulation and nutritional and medical neglect.

In a war enemy is the target. In this genocide, it is the girl child's 'loved ones'; parents, brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts who kill her. It is imperative to visualise that these 100 million women would have been alive today. They too had right to life.

It is estimated by historians that about 72 million people were killed during World War II. Of this, 25 million died in combat, 11 million were killed in the Nazi Holocaust and another 20 million perished in war-induced famine. But this is not the single event with the largest killing of human beings in history.

Unwanted baby girls in India are killed after birth - smothered with a pillow or cloth, drowned, fed poisoned seeds or buried alive in sealed mud pots. Thanks to the advances in medical science and the greed of our doctors; quacks and qualified, the most popular form of foeticide is now abortion. An ultrasound machine helps parents to determine the child's sex. And, then it is an easy matter. No qualms of conscience prick us. No religious teachings come to the rescue of the unborn but alive baby daughters. And, large numbers of Indians who indulge in this heinous crime are worshippers of goddesses. All fake.

A report by the United Nations Children Fund [uNICEF] asserts Indians kills nearly 7,000 girls per day by abortion. Recent statistics show that the population of India is heavily weighted towards males with only 927 females for every 1,000 males, unlike the 1050 females’ ratio in other countries.

Punjab, Haryana and Delhi are the worst offenders with skewed sex ratio. In some states like Punjab it is 798 and Haryana 820 against 1000 boys. Clearly sex ratio has sunk to frighteningly low levels.

UK medical journal, The Lancet estimates the number of girls killed by abortion in India at 10 million over the last 20 years. Although the government has made it illegal to perform ultrasounds and abortions for sex-determination, the practice is widespread and shows no signs of slowing. So far, only 430 prosecutions have happened under the Act in India. Ultrasound clinics and imaging centres, the trouble-makers continue to conduct sex-determination tests on the sly.

Wealthier people are the worst offenders, since they can afford gender identification tests. And after birth, son-preference leads to the neglect of girls and lack of access to nutrition, health and maternal care in the critical early years. Studies from Delhi’s rich areas like Greater Kailash show the rich and the middle class are great practioners to keep this sex ration skewed. The national average has declined from 945 in 1991 to 927 in 2001 in this age group.

Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal and Chandigarh give the lead in the practice with Gujarat and Maharastra also contributing in the overall decline in the national average. Decline is more predominant in the zero to six years age group in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Delhi. 51 districts in India now have more male babies born compared to female, according to UNICEF. “In 80 per cent of districts in India, the situation is getting worse“. In fact, there has been steady decline in the female population since 1901.

Chandigarh, Capital of Punjab and Haryana has recorded the lowest sex ratio with just 793 women for every 1000 men. Equally shocking are the figures from Haryana, Punjab and Delhi where the figures stand at 869, 886 and 821 women per 1000 men respectively. Even Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have a better overall sex ratio. In some pockets ratio has touched a disquieting low of 600 females to a 1000 males.

India banned sex determination tests in 1994, but use of ultrasound tests for the purpose now were a common feature. These now are available in the villages or small towns also of the prosperous states. Dr.S.G.Kabra says that in India estimated (including that by UNICEF) about 50 lakh legal and illegal, including sex specific, abortions (medical termination of pregnancies) are done every year. Of these, 80 per cent (40 lakh) are before 12 weeks of pregnancy in which no prenatal sex determination by ultrasound examination is possible or done. Thus, over 20 lakh boys are being intentionally 'killed' or 'eliminated' every year with equal impunity and ruthlessness. There is gross insensitivity and antipathy to the life in womb and not just female life alone.â€

Punjab continues to sit at the top of India’s female foeticide map, with a sex ratio of 798, then come Haryana 820, Chandigarh 845, Delhi 868, Gujarat 883, Himachal 896, and Uttarakhand 908. Although some of these states improved their sex ratios marginally, they’ve a long way to set the imbalance right. The worst are Punjab and Haryana, which account for the 10 districts with the lowest sex ratio in India. That’s not all. Nine of the 10 districts identified for their abysmally low CSR also fall in Punjab and Haryana. Just one — Salem — is in Tamil Nadu; three — Sonepat, Ambala and Kurukshetra — are in Haryana; the rest — Amritsar, Mansa, Gurdaspur, Fatehgarh Sahib, Bathinda, Kapurthala and Patiala — are in Punjab. It is a matter of concern for policy-makers that all these districts are located close to urban centres.

In 1990 india had 25 million more males than females. In 2001 the gender gap had risen to 35 million and now we have 50 million. Hpw would we surive as a nation.

The reason for this heinous crime that goes unpunished are not far to seek. It is the poor status of women that encourages parents to be selective about sex. I spoke to various parents who had got their daughters killed in their womb and I also know of couples who have adopted daughters thrown away by parents in gutters, wayside and outside children homes. There is marked change in attitudes. Major reason is disrespect for gilrs.Towns and villages that lack of amenities like rooms, drainage, bathrooms, telephone, proper cooking fuel, clean drinking water source and bank account had very poor sex ratio.

Statistics say one-third of the 12 million girls born every year in India die in their first year; 25 per cent don’t survive beyond 15 years. These figures should shock any society and the brutal attacks on girl children must stop. These killings indicate a total collapse of institutions designed to protect children. We need better policies and sincere programmes to save girls.

Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab) 755

Patiala (Pb) 770

Kurukshetra (Haryana) 770

Gurdaspur (Pb) 775

Kapurthala (Pb) 775

Bathinda (Pb) 779

Mansa (Pb) 779

Amritsar (Pb) 783

Sonepat (Hry) 783

Ambala (Hry) 784

One-third of the 12 million girls born every year in India die in their first year and 25 per cent don’t survive beyond 15 years.

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Well who ever they are, they are obviously demonic souls to be able to kill babies. I have no doubt that people who carry out this murder of the unborn babies will end up in hell.

While on the theories of reincarnation, could it be that maybe the people that are now aborting the babies are people who are taking revenge from people who themselves had aborted them in a previous life? and the people who are currently aborting will be aborted in their future lifetime by the same babies they are currently aborting? could this be a possibility?

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According to the acticle, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Chandigarh(all basically Punjabi people) are the worst in this crime.

That's not all. In times of riots and religious violence we surpass everyone in the South Asian sub continent. Even though the people of West Punjab, East Punjab, Himachal, Haryana, Chandigarh are basically the same people, yet we are the most fragmented state in South Asia. When it comes to abortion we again(regretfully) take 1st prize. Is something seriously wrong with Punjabi people or what?

Considering our nature, I'm still surprised a man like Maharaja Ranjit Singh managed to mold all Punjabis(Sikh Muslim Hindus) into a single state.

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Very sad, especially when you think that Guru Ji asked Sikhs to stay away from those who engage in 'kurri maar'. That's the no.1 problem with people today - many profess to be Sikhs but don't listen to black & white instructions.

Considering our nature, I'm still surprised a man like Maharaja Ranjit Singh managed to mold all Punjabis(Sikh Muslim Hindus) into a single state.

Lions can only be controlled by another lion.

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