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WW2 Sikhs Squaddies

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I've heard on various sikh sites of a story of Sikh POW who were caught by the germans. Thinking they were Muslims the sikh soldiers were sent to Turkey to fight alongside other muslims on behalf of the Axis powers.

En route the soldiers escaped and ran on foot all the way back across the Mid-East to Afghanistan to re-join the the British Army.

A remarkeable story, and beats The One That Got Away.

Has anyone else heard of this story or know its sources ????

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no that crap. i had family that fought in ww2 and the germans had taken pics of sikh pows and distributed them around the german armies to show that sikhs are human etc. As sikh had repuatation for being harsh fighthers. Its also a well known fact that the japs and nazis asked the british indian troops to go against the crown and if they do they will (nazis and japs) will grant india independance.

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