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'recognize The 1984 Sikh Genocide By India And Press For Jus

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There is a website called Change.org which gets ideas from the general public and passes them over to Barack Obama's Administration. One idea which has been submitted is: Recognize the 1984 Sikh Genocide by India and press for Justice

Please go to the website below and vote on this idea, you need to register but it seriously only takes a couple of minutes maximum and the idea has the chance to become real policy for America. We need to be in the top 3 in the Genocide category by midnight 31st December 2008 to make it into the second round.


The final top 10 ideas will be presented to the Obama Administration on Inauguration Day and will be supported by a national lobbying campaign run by Change.org, MySpace, and more than a dozen leading nonprofits after the Inauguration.

Please forward this via email/ facebook /myspace etc as time is running out if we want to make it into the second round!

Just make sure that links comes out correctly as this forum seems to shorten it.




We have managed to get into third place and if we stay there till midnight the idea is through into the next round. But that doesn't mean we should stop voting.

To the people who havent voted, this is absolutely nothing to do with Sikh Politics or Khalistan but instead for Justice and closure to the tens of thousands of families who lost loved ones just because they were Sikhs. The least this will do is increase exposure to the world of the atrocities that occurred.


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