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God Egotistical?


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God does not give 2 rupees whether you jap his naam or not. God is what God is with or without your praise.

Your 'choice' to jap his name liberates 'you', it has nothing to do with God.

To provoke a question of Ego, must mean that God has a Mind which personifies God and confines God to an attribute of duality. Where there is Duality, there cannot be something called God.

The sooner we realize that God cannot be understood by or through the Mind and nor is God a product of the mind, the better off we are going to be.

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What she said.

Additionally, you repeat his naam so that you keep your attention on him and off of maya. What he is saying is that if you focus on him and ignore all the other shaktia that are trying to distract you you will be liberated.

Whether you are liberated or not matters nothing to him, he is everywhere and will be with you no matter where you end up. The point is that you reap what you sow; if you want liberation this is how you do it, that's all.

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He doesn't choose, you choose by your actions. If you do your bhagti correctly you will transcend this play and be free of it.

Heaven, hell, birth are part of the same cycle; our aim is to break free from all; where there is no good or bad, sin or virtue and therefore no judgement.

Haumai navai naal virod hai. Doe na vasai khatae.

Ego and naam cannot exist in the same place, where there is naam there is no judgement. Note that this line also means that where there is ego there cannot be realisation of God, ergo, should you want to realise him you must destroy your self. The illusion of self is what primarily keeps you from realising God.

Pheena spoke of duality, in order for your idea to be valid creation and God need to be separate entities, which is not the case. Whether or not you denounce illusion is what decides whether or not you realise Truth.

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how can god be realised then? if hes choosing wether people go to heaven, hell or wat to be reborn as surely he has some sort of judgement?

This is the problem the Orthodox Christianity has created in the West. Fear of Hell and a desire for heaven, again you are forced to live in Duality. God=Good and Devil=Bad, enslaving even God in duality. They have completely cutoff the Nirgun aspect of divinity to the masses.

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If God can be considered the Ultimate Ego, and we are sparks or Individual Egos that spring from that Ultimate Ego, then at root it can be said that we too are God, we too are that same Ultimate Ego--so are we then egotistical because we are essentially japping our own name, us being God and all?

this is a very deep observation and i can't help but agree to it :!:

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