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Davinder Singh Panesar's E-mail


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Theres quite abit all over the net, aswell as youths who have heard his talks propogating the ideas, there are some audio and video recordings around on the net, which may include some of this parchar.

But heres a website with that http://satisembi.blogspot.com/2006/02/hidd...ter-part-2.html

" Dr D started off with a controversial claim:

“I will prove that Guru Nanak did not believe in God!”


Dr D being Davinder Panesar, quite alot of Gursikh youths around London have taken his twist that Whaeguru is just a word and there is no God, and this is Gursikhi, quite shooking.

Many university Sikh socs and camps invite him and really love his talks, the guy does seem to have alot of gian but the statement of no God is just really funny. And it does shift about from person to person website to website, of his teachings

and interpretations of No God, sometimes he teaches Sikhs are pantheistic hence we believe Everything is God, the stones are God, the river is God etc. and is resentful against the ideals of Monotheism, however from that basis

draws the conclusion Sikhs are Atheist and are almost in one way a carry on, off Buddhism.


"Devinder Singh Panesar. He said "there's no God" and that God was "merely da essence within humans". i found this offensive and felt like smacking him! I know he was wrong but i didn't have the knowlege or confidence to say nuffin…my bad i kno, I aint chattin bout him jus sayin innit. I had chat with him and its like he is more into Buddhist n dat. "


"3) Devinder Panesar did a talk and said that there is 'no God'. Mr. Panesar taught them a concentration technique, focusing on a dot and that there is no benefit in repeating Waheguru"


"3- I agree that the Davinder Singh Panesar talks were not suitable at all for the camp. The camp organizers need to get speakers who relay the basics of the Sikh religion to campers before talking about things like amritdhari girls getting possessed and the paranormal. The talk on meditation where he mentioned there was no God was said in the perspective of that "God is merely the essence within human beings." He made it out like that there was no God and that humans are God. He sounded very much like a Buddhist rather than a Sikh. The Simran technique was good as a relaxation exercise but I totally disagree with him calling that "Saas Giraas Simran" and making it out that focusing on a circle in your mind and breathing in and out without the need of saying WaheGuru is the right thing to do. "

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Still he has gian

What is Guru?, The Prophet-Genius of Ten Nanaks

Bhai Davinder Singh Panesar


79.1 mb

There some interesting things mixed with that controversy.


Conciousness,Sikh, Mystic, Buddism - 1:08:53 - Nov 16, 2006

London Singh

Sikh Conciousness Talk by Davinder Singh

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Davinder Singh Panesar

phone no:


Location: Leicester

involved with Sikh community, and sikh converts

I don't think it's right to put someone's contact details on a public forum, especially their phone number. You could just pm it to whoever requests it.

And isn't he from Coventry? At least he used to be a few years ago.

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