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Sikh Channel Auditions

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We are looking for presenters, panelists, audience members and anyone who wishes to participate on the Sikh Channel shows which will begin production in 2 weeks time.

On 16th May 2009, (this Saturday) from 1pm, we would like to invite you to get involved. We will be interviewing candidates thoroughly, checking CV's and doing screen tests to find the right people for shows. So if you wish to take part, please drop us a private message or email gurpreet@sikhchannel.tv

We desperately require confident amrit dhaari Gursikhs to come forward for pre-recorded shows - this our chance as Gursikhs to help inspire others to follow the path Guru Nanak Dev Jee wishes us to follow.

Sikh Channel


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I would just like to say congratulations, you are doing a great job. You have achieved that basic task which our whole self obsessed wealthy international community could not achieve. Muslims and Christians have literally hundreds of channels, we didn't even have one dedicated channel. You have brought Gurbani, Kirtan and Kathaa in Punjabi and English to millions of homes worldwide, as I heard Harjinder Singh Lallie say on Sikh Channel today, if you will not go to the Gurdwara, we will bring the gurdwara to you!

I pray Parmatma gives your team apaar kirpa to continue your revolutionery seva and inspire many others to follow in your footsteps.


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