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We have a body and a soul. The body is short term, whereas the soul is more long term. I was wandering whether someone could help me with this. By the use of genetic engineering, if you were to clone a genetically identical human, animal or plant...would the soul be cloned too? It would seem a bit weird for their to be two copies of the same soul...or would it have a completely new soul?

Thanks for anyone who can help me with this, because a friend asked me this question, and i'm not sure what to give him as an answer.


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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

hmm... Interesting topic...

the soul could nt b cloned....its not sumthin physical...its nt lyk a heart or kidney.the soul dusnt hav dna

I agree with what you are saying here... But when someone is cloned, where will the soul that person has come from??

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Soul cant be cloned because it was created once by akaal. Soul remains same and will remain same but body will change ..If we think about after death and research into it carefully...body changes infinte times until soul merges with vaheguroo...

check out this anyalsis by surinder singh kohli... life after death...


Enjoy :D

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