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Kzf Claims Responsibility For Vienna Attack; Babbar Khalsa Condemns Killing

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CHANDIGARH: Even as the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF) claimed responsibility for the Vienna incident that sparked violence in Punjab, the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) has condemned the killing of Sant Rama Nand of the Dera Sach Khand.

According to information posted on its website, the London-based Akash Radio said the KZF has claimed responsibility for the Sunday’s attack in Vienna.

Claiming that it had received an e-mail, it said the message, written on the KZF’s letterhead, was signed by one Ranjit Singh.

The KZF is said to have claimed that the incident occurred because “these people did not heed to the warnings that they should not disrespect Guru Granth Sahibji by sitting parallel to Sri Guru Granth Sahibji; letting people bow before them in the Guru Sahib’s presence and committing various unacceptable anti-maryada (Sikh code of conduct) acts. As they continued to commit such sins, the KZF was forced to take this action.”

The Babbar Khalsa International, which figures on the U.S. list of terrorist organisations, has condemned the killing of Sant Rama Nand.

Akash Radio claimed that the BKI chief Wadhawa Singh Babbar said in an e-mail that the entire Sikh Panth regretted the attack on Sant Niranjan Das and Sant Rama Nand.

The e-mail said:

“Everyone knows that this attack was not done by the Sikh Panth. Indian agencies are behind this attack; and they are trying to split the Ravidasiya community from the Sikh Panth. The Khalsa Panth will continue to cherish this relationship formed since the times of Guru Nanak Devji.

“The Khalsa Panth requests the Ravidasiya community to maintain peace. The Khalsa Panth will always stand by the Ravidasiya community and will not let the Indian agencies succeed in their mal-intensions.”


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how old is this tradition of assasinating false Gurus?? False Guru's have existed since the times of Guru Angad and continued all the way up to Guru Gobind Singh, yet i dont remember that any of these were killed by the sikhs nor the Gurus.. so when did this trend start?

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Now Kzf denies the killing. Here is the link:


Khalistan Zindabad Force denies hand in Vienna incident

Punjab Newsline Network

Thursday, 28 May 2009

CHANDIGARH: The Khalistan Zindabad Force(kzf), which purported to ahad on Wednesday claimed responsibility for attack on two religious leaders in Vienna in Austria on Thursday denied its role in the incident and condemned the act as against the teachings of Sikh gurus.

In a signed statement issued by Ranjit Singh Jammu, the KZF Chief said that they respect Guru Ravidass who is an integral part of Sikh religion. He said that 'bani' of all Bhagats including Bhagat Ravidass was included in Guru Granth Sahib and all Bhagats are respectable as their Guru.

He said that Sikhs had no grudge against the head of dera Sach Khand Sant Niranjan Dass and Sant Rama Nand who was killed in Vienna. Jammu described it an action of intelligence agencies of India who are trying to defame the Sikh community and people invoilved in Khalistan movement. He alleged that ruling party in Punjab was responsible for the ghasty act. He named Parkash Singh Badal responsible for the attack and alleged that blame has been shifted on Khalistan Zindabad Force.

He said that dalits are their brotherns and part of struggle of Sikh community. He appealed for peace in the state. KZF cheif said that their fight is against anti-Panthic forces and not against their own brothers. He said that if the sentiments of Ravidass community were hurt due to misuse of KZF name, they seek an apology for it.

It is recalled that certain newspapers had carried reports about KZF taking responsibility for Vienna attack. The dalits associated with dera Sach Khand had on Wednesday burnt the effigy of KZF to register their anger. The KZF however denies the allegations.

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