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Kalam Baba Guru Nanak - Shafqat Ali Khan


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gurmat? wheres the Gurmat part? At least the Kabir cartoon taught his lines

why is the cartton wrong?:

1.this is based on someones imagination to 'fill in the gaps',

2. real people in serious situations from history have been depicted as cartoon characters.

3. the intent is to emotionally 'bribe' children into feeling 'pride for sikhi'.

its disgusting!

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if you are going to be negative about everything then im not gonna try to convince you anything. i know a lot of children and youth got into sikhi by watching these cartoons as well as other amateur slide shows on sikh history, so obviously it works.

I agree with you. There is nothing insulting about this. My cousin's son who is 8 yrs old wanted to keep his kesh after watching these cartoons. Perents themselves are not teaching their children because they dont have the time or they themselves do not know. These types of cartoons are excellent tools in teaching children about Sikh history. Hindus and Muslims started creating these types of cartoons years before us. Christians started decades ago. We are behind everyone else in using this form of prachar. Education begins from childhood.

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