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Anand Sahib In Ramkali

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It depends on which composition you like.

You can find the complete 40 Pauri Anand Sahib recital by Professor Surinder Singh on the net - in the puratan Ramkali reet. Other than that, there are loads of different modern Ramkali reets by many different raagis - do a simple search. Its easy to figure out the notes - just pull out your sarangi and play along...

Laavan in Suhi are harder to find, again Prof has done Anand Kharaj in raag Suhi, I do not unfortunately have a recording of it, I do have a beautiful recording of Bhai Gursharan Singh Ji (Nanaksar) doing laavan in raag Suhi, but its on video, not sure when I will have time to convert to audio... as you are close by, if you are serious, pop down to Penn Rd in Wolves and ask Gursharan Singh to hook you up with his reet.

Best you can do for now is transpose a good Suhi reet into the Anand Kharaj structure, here is one to get you started (have fun):


If you want notation - then you need to get hold of either Bhai Avtar Singh or Dr Gurnam Singhs raag reetan books, as these are very commonly available, if you can wait until Friday, I can scan the pages and upload them.

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Yes Thaath.

Alternativley, you can pop down to Thtaath tomorrow night and ask H S Lallie - he does Anand Kharaj as per Suhi hukum - so has reetan for both that and Anand Sahib (should both be puratan reetan too).

PM me on Friday to remind me re the scans.

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