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Sehaj Paat Marayda


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Was wondering what the reason/importance of having a coconut present during ones sehaj paat and/or akhand paats?

from my understanding the other 3 things that need to be present are deeva/jot (clarified butter lamp), dhoop (incense), jal/paani (water)

deeva/jot - is there purify the air as well as provide light if none is available

dhoop - create a plesent smell for paati/sangat, also attracts rubi ruhan/devtey/shahid singhs

jal/paani - water turns into amrit after the reading of gurbani, sangat/paati drinks this after the paat is completed?

(this marayda is given in giani baba gurbachan singh jis - gurbani paat darpan)

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wow thats interesting

i can only recall having seen jot/deevaa (and even not that always) and pani at paaths. or even Guruduare.

Coconut has ancient significance. is known as Sri Phala in Hindu lore. (Auspicious Fruit).

what i have heard when Gurus passed Gurgaddi to next Guru the ascending Guru was to offer coconut and 'panch paisa' (five monnies) to residing Guru as diksha (initiation gift).

so i assume coconut is seen as approved offering in religious ceremony of Sehaj Paath.

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Inside of coconut is always sucha. It is used as a barometer of whether or not the the paath was parvaan. I think it becomes gandha inside if the paath was parvaan. If not, it remains clean. You will have to ask someone more knowledgeable to know for sure.

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AFAIK, it's to do with bali. I don't remember the sakhi, but there was a heirless king who was given a 'var' and used it to literally make babies grow on trees. Guru Ji reprimanded him for his mistake and the coconut during Akhand Paaths has something to do with this. Pehta of Rs1.25 is usually tied with the coconut as well. I've been told other reasons as well, but don't remember.

The maryada described by Bhagat Ji in the pothis recently put on-line differs from what I've seen. I've always been told that the coconut, rehta, 'joown' (barley) seeds must all be disposed of in running water.

The inside does go grey/brown and very dry - almost ash like - if the paath goes well.

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