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Bipran Ki Reet


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Is anyone else amused by the fact that the favourite expression of Kala Afghana and his chelay, in their works disrespecting the Bani of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, is found originally in Sarbloh Granth?



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I can't comment on kala afgana's writing because I haven't read his books. However, Bipren Kee Reet doesn't exist in Sarabloh Granth. At least not in the one I saw at Dixie Gurduara. It also doesn't say Khalsa Akaal Purakh Kee Fauj. It says Khalsa Kaal Purakh Kee Fauj. There are some other minor differences. It seems like the Khalsa Mehma outside of Sarabloh Granth has been edited to make it more according to Gurmat.

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