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Dasam Granth Detractors Fail To Hold Seminar In Bay Area


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It was announced by some missionaries of bay area that an anti dasam Granth seminar was being held at hayward, California today Aug 22, 2009.

Keynote speaker was one Gurcharan Jeonwala and parminder parmar who use filthy language for banis of Dasam pita. A large number of Gursikhs gathered at Gurudwara sahib Fremont and were to march to the venue of seminar for protest. Kala afghana cult sensed that and they changed the venue at last minute to a restaurant in San jose, CA a distance of 15 miles from Hayward.Singhs reached there and found they did not turn up there as well.They were contacted on the phone and said they had cancelled the seminar due to massive opposition.

Singhs wanted to speak to Gurnindak Jeonwala but they were keeping him in hiding. This was a miserable failure for anti sikh cult to hold a seminar after calling the speakers from canada. It shows that these people are internet tigers and have no following on ground. May waheguru bless Gursikhs who resisted the attempt of these heretics to denounce bani of tenth master.

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Sat SRI akal

These people literally ran away and were in hiding like rats. They did not want to meet singhs even who wanted to have a word with Gurcharan Jeonwala. had they read Dasam Bani they would not have behaved like cowards.

This was the first major kick to these anti panthic elements.

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