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Authencity Of This Letter

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Gurfateh singho

I read a book a few years ago, where it says that the following letter was written by Guru Arjan to Guru Hargobind Sahib shortly before his shaheedi

My dear son, very hard times are ahead for the Sikh community.

The forces of Evil are cutting down the very roots of fundamental human rights.

I have tried to break the shackles of slavery of common man in a peaceful manner but now the times have changed.

The Moghul kings have lost all humaneness and have turned into beasts.

I will still persuade Jahangir to leave this policy but if the peaceful persuasion, even at the cost of my bodily tortures fails, then take it for granted that it is no use enduring tortures for changing the conscience of the Moghul rulers just as it is useless to lie down for sympathy before a horned beast.

In that case, then, try to meet the Evil with armed resistance.

-History of the Punjab, Satbir Singh

how authentic is this letter? I have never heard of it before, nor seen any refferences to it

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Best thing to do is contact Satbir Singh (if he is still around) and ask him for the source.

Doesn't seem genuine to me, I have never come across correspondance from one Guru to another, only from Guru to Sangatan.

Plus, 5th Master would have already communicated these sort of things to 6th Master, as it was 5th Master who is said to have started 6th Masters training in Shastar Vidya, Ghor Svaiy etc... 5th Master was already amassing fine horses in preparation for Akaal Senha.

Gurus jyot passed from one Guru to the next, there was never a need for letters - Guru were antarjami.

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Majh mahala 5, mera man lochai= correspondence between guru arjan sahib and guru ram dass where prithi chand's 'mina' tendencies got their credence. This ended with guru sahib bestowing guruship on guru arjan sahib. Teja singh bhasaur (not bashing the fellow here)wanted this bani to be removed from guru granth sahib as it wasn't 'akash' bani according to his standard, as guru sahib was not even guru at this point according to his theory.

The dohra in 9me patshah de salok is another correspondence between gurus as that was guru tegh bahadur sahib and the dohra is 10me patshahji's.

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Dear both,

Yes, it is said to be communication between the Gurus, but not what I would define as correspondance - as it was a 'dil ki itchha' which was an example given to sangatan of the bairaag between a disciple and a Guru - a masterclass in love if you will - it did not warrant a response... plus there is no evidence it was a letter written as such, certainly doesn't seem like it - more like a divine/emotional reflection on an event..

Thats my take anyways.

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