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Going Back In Time?


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"I would go back to my university days" MLOL!

Thats a tricky one, the options are endless - all mankinds time has been sacred on this Earth - and not a moment goes by without something amazing happening... all cultures, civiliations and faiths have unique and legendary moments which inspire all humanity.

In no particular order - some moments my heart yearns to see/experience are:

1 - The battle of Chamkaur Sahib and the Fat-heh of my Jujari Babai - Sahibzadey after receiving their Gur-Pitas kirpa as well as seeing the Fat-heh of the Pyare (3) that were my Gurus form complete.

2 - 1699 - the roar of my Shamshere Pita and the psychology/words/atmosphere that graced that pavitar anand-bhari dharti.

3 - The Fat-heh of Akali Nihang Baba Gurbaksh Singh Ji Shaheediyan/Nihang Misl.

4 - The battles and duels of Bhai Sukha Singh Ji Bhujangi.

5 - Seeing (drowning in) the kirtan of Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana.

6 - Seeing the kirtan of Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj - which was the epitome of pure artistic genius.

7 - Experiencing the power of thje Dhadi Darbar in Guru Hargobind Sahibs 'new' Shastarshari - Miri-Piri Dargah.

8 - Seeing my 9th Guru - Tegh Bahadur earn his name in battle.

9 - Seeing (understanding the essence of nishkaam seva) Guru Har-Krishan cure the victims of the plague..

10 - Seeing Guru Gobind Singh Ji recite the Sampuran Granth - Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and teaching his original vidyarthi i.e. Bhai Manni Singh Ji.

Just some moments of thousands, I would love to have experienced/felt (rather than simply witnessed) - from a Sikh perspective.

There are thousands I would also have loved to experienced in many other traditions worldwide...

I suppose we lucky enough to have access to written records and are educated enough to read them and blessed enough to access them. In a very real way - we make our own realities and can create successful 'time-travel' - the key is to have an open-searching mind, to have passion and to have belief.

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