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Gyani Jagtar Singh Jachak

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I heard this guy on TV saying there's no need for: Simran, Akhand Paaths, Amrit Vela, that RaagMala should not be read, and a whole lot of other bakwas.

He is one of the earliest promoters of kala afghana. He was a granthi at Glen Cove Gurughara in New york. He called kala afghana. At that time sangat did not know much about kala afghana. Kala afghana spoke in the Dewan. He said that there was no Amrit administered by Guru Gobind singh in 1699. There was an uproar

in sangat.

Jachak apologised for this later. But his apology was just an eyewash. Later on he was one of the main member of this club spreading anti sikh views.

Recently while addressing a group of heretics in India he said that we should not bow to shashtras. He is an amritdhari sikhs and he is scared of shashtras. A real shameless creature.

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More on atheist jachak


guru piyari sadh sangat jee, i was shocked today to see Jagtar Singh Jachak on Sikh channel this morning doing khata. Ive read his articles on the internet and i know the bakwash that he believes in along with the rest of the Kala afghana jatha. I missed the first 10 mins but the part i did listen to he was trying to directly and indirectly confuse the sangat. Sikh channel may not be aware of this individual, however we pay and support sikh channel, therefore im writing this message to make Sikhs aware of the parchar which Jachak does and to send complaints to Sikh channel so this individual is never given a stage on Sikh channel again.

He started of by saying that we can only Sing kirtan from Guru granth sahib maharaj. Bhai Gurdas jee bani can only be used for examples but cannot be sung (as kirtan). No other granth is allowed to be sung (like dasam granth jee)only guru granth sahib jee. He said Guru hai bani is only Guru granth sahib je maharaj (in other words dasam granth is not the gurus bani). This is a serious attack on the Sikh rehit maryada. We are allowed to sing from not only the guru granth sahib jee but also bhai gurdas jees bani/kabitt swayyai, bhai Nand laal jee and Guru Gobind Singh jees bani. Jackak then resorted to lies to confuse the sangat by saying that its maryada to only sing from guru granth sahib jee and not to sing bhai gurdas jee vara. which maryada is this written in?

Jacak said its pakhand and attempt to mislead sikhs by calling waheguru naam a waste of time. He claims all gurbani is naam. He also attacked the youth in UK, Europe, US and Canada for having naam simran programmes where only waheguru jaap is being done. Jachak claims that doing gurbani veechar is naam and simran, but gurbani says, kathanee kahai bharam na jayai. Khata is important but he is claiming that khata/veechara is naam and remembering god.

To prove that doing veechar is naam, he tried to say doing kirtan is not that important. Jachak claims that during guru jees times there was only 2 kirtani who are well known, therefore the sangats did not do kirtan that often and in fact khata was done which is naam simran.

Jachak at the end of his khata directly attacked the dasam granth saying that we cant use parmaan from other so called granths which talk about vedant. He said we can only use parmaan from guru jees bani with is only Guru granth sahib jee maharaj.

Jackak directly attacked reincarnation. Jachak claimed that granths outside of guru granth sahib are misleading sikhs that there are chourasi lakh jooon. He claims there is no joon.

There were other things which jachak said that i cant remember at the moment, his whole khata was attacking the sikh maryada and beliefs.

If anyone heard his khata please email Sikh channel and try to get these individuals banned from Sikh channel. A simple search online and you will see the parchar jagtar singh jhacak does. He is a well known Kala Afghana supporter and resorts to lies to prove his beliefs. Please email Sikh channel because these dusht are being given an opportunity to spead their nindya all over the world.


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