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Tre Mudra And Panj Kakkar?


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Lately I have come across the argument that originally the Khalsa were instructed to wear tre mudra (or three symbols which I think were kesh, kacherra and weapons). Athough the original Khalsa wore the 5 kakkars, they were weren't explicitly called the panj kakkars till later. Also original hukum namas from Dasmesh pita's and Banda Singh's time apparently instruct Sikhs to come wearing panj hathiar (or 5 weapons).

What do the sangat think of this?

No temper tantrums over this please. Just intelligent arguments.

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5 hathiyaar was simply Maharajs hukum to ensure all Singhs were adequately armed at all times - this hukum was relayed especially to those that were going to have his audience. The number 5 is somewhat auspicious in Sikhi. Nihangs still keep this maryada.

3 mudrai and 5 kakaar are one and the same - there is no big debate. The only difference is that Kes, Kachh and Kirpan are the primary kakaars, Kara complimenting the Kirpan )worn on the fighting hand as wrist protection and a shastar in its own right. The Kes complimenting the Kes - used to keep them tidy and clean.

The Kachh being complete in its own right, a complete form of dress if need be.

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So they weren't called panj kakkars until later? That would explain why rahit namas don't use these words. I know a kangha would come naturally with kesh and a kara was a "veeni da shaster" as per Kahn Singh Nabha.

Incidently the word kara comes from Farsi but within that language it has the generic meaning of bangle and a kara could be made of material like shell/bone and doesn't have to be a closed circle.

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