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Bhai Kultar Singh Doing Kirtan Now!


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Bebe Nananaki and AKJ have hijacked the event, lol.

They only gave Akali Vadbagh Singh '12 mins', but they were the 12 gems of the evening.

You can find more on Akali Vadbagh Singh in the GS forum, there is thread dedicated to him.

Basically they are an Akali Nihang of Chinese origin from Australia who trained under the legendary Bhai Balbir Singh. They practice raag kirtan 'proper', mainly from Dasam Guru Darbar.

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Lol, thanks for that link, vidhiaveechari has uploaded some great kirtan on his channel - including some of the top Kirtani, he has great taste!!! Best of all, he has split the shabds recorded from Sikh Channel. He also knows how to seperate the wheat from the chaff!

Akali Vadbagh Singh

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie

Bhai Kultar Singh (Bhai Avtar Singhs nephew)

Bhai Narinder Singh Benaraswala

Professor Kartar Singh

Bhai Balbir Singh

Bhai Nirmal Singh

Bhai Randhir Singh

Bhai Ghulam Muhammed Chand (Rababi) - These are new and I will add them to the appropriate thread.

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