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The King Of Raags - Sri Raag - Step Back In Time...


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A beautiful kirtan performance for all those who appreciate puratan Kirtan.

The hugely (scarily) knowledgable Bhai Gurmeet Singh Ji Shaant gives us a Dhrupadi performance of Sri Raag - the 1st Raag of Gurbani (sectionally).

He is accompanied by the legendary Pinky, who uses Guru Arjun Dev Jis saji Jori to play the classic 14 matra Dhrupad taal - Dhamaar.


A treat:

A beautiful raagmalesque boli showing Bhai Sahibs love and knowledge of Gurbani Raags:


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Just imagine, once upon a time, all Dharamsalas would sound like this... even when one closed their eyes, there would be no question, you were in the Court of the King of King of Kings...

Parmatma willing, those days will return to all Guru Ghar again...efforts are successfully being made to infilitrate and change many Sikh groups mindsets to appreciate and practice Gurus Kirtan traditions.

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