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Politics Or Lack Of Communication....


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This coming weekend, there are something like 6 massive programmes in the West Midlands:

Smethwick - Dasam Guru Darbar

Walsall - Baba Takur Singh Barsi

Coventry Ramgharia - Mahaan Kirtan Smaagm

Coventry Hargobind Sahib - Akali Dal Panth Dasam Granth Sahib Akhand Paat/amrit sanchaar

Coventry - AKJ UK amrit sanchaar (well weekend after)

I think there is a Sikhi camp too.

Its a bit sad to see all these programmes happening at roughly the same time... is this a matter of politics or is it simply a coincidence....?

Wouldn't it be nice if all could speak to each other and spread their seva across the year rather than what is happening above...

May its unavoidable, I don't know... its sad none the less in my eyes. I suppose some people would see this as great, seeing it as a reflection of the 'growing panth'. I would disagree, I still think Khalsa numbers are tiny - and that differences need to be put aside and heads put together instead...

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It's because of the holidays, and the Sahibzadas shaheedi etc. Some of the Dasam Granth Paathis are doing more than one program, so no politics.

Plus, they are this week, but the Willenhall program is over tomorrow, and I think the Smethwick one is the day after?

I wish at least one of the Dasam Bani events was held near London though....

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