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Indian Club Swinging


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not for swinging partners .....you pervs!!! (- just yet!) LOL

Anyway does anyone know of any club swinging akharas in London?

Also what are the benefits of club swinging over free-weight training or general functional training??

If you dont know what I'm on about just google/youtube "indian club swinging" or "clubbell".

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Not Akhara as such, but there are wrestling schools that do similar exercises - if they don't have clubs, they use kettle bells or anything else that can be moved through a similar range of motion. There used to be an instructor at a Wrestling school at London Bridge who used them, and an Iranian who used to teach at Lambeth Grove and Slough had old school clubs as well, but I have no idea where he is now.

Not sure that there are any advantages over modern strength training - it is a fact that we know more about human physiology now than in the past, and this is reflected in modern training techniques, with the result that people who train are faster and stronger than ever before.

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