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Is The Horse Whispering The Truth


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I watch lots the film with horse in like the black beuties clint eastwoods and the john waynes. then the ones day my friend do give me the special dvd in it the recorded the horse whisper film. I watch it and it showed the mans do special thing to the horse then he do quickly ride the wild horse.

Is this the true or just the made up like the sholay and lagaan film. I now knowing the star wars film and rocky not the true but some people saying the horse whisper some peoples can do.

Please can some peoples this forum tells me is this the true or the make up film. If its being the true then can the any peoples learn to doing this in england.

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Matheen I do the thank you. I read the web site you do the write and if my dad let me i see if i can do learn this whispering.

No I not see nihang do break wild horse but i know it will be the hard because they do keep the only stallion or the colt and no mare and filly. The boy horse is the hard to break than the girl horse. Do you having the video the nihang do break horse. Next times i go india i go bageecha bagh and ask baba ji if he letting me see them do the horse break or I do ask the bidhi chand baba.

We do the only keep the my swaraj stallion he is the 64 inch height and the brown colour. Him do break a man he live the malerkotla and famous horse trainer. We do have the lots brood mare but not do them ride but let thems do free roam field and then when thems the ready swaraj do them cover. But the mares not have the bad nature but me do them touch and not be the angry.

Is the programs name dog whisperer being the true as well i saw it and the mans name being ceasor milan and him doing the lots thing and then dog being goods to peoples.

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Of course its true...its all about natural communication. the way nature intended.

You must have seen it happen all the time in Panjab. The old jatt farmer swearing at his maajh like there is no tommorow! The only diffrenece is cultural: in the West they whisper; in India they shout at the top of their voices at the animal!

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