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Mc Gogi Doing Wrtings


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I do tells this board people I am doing the write new songs and its post this topics.

Ba Ba Bhangra Ba Ba Ba Bhangra

Take the notice this is the gogi MC

Nurmahals being the scene

My towns that I created all the MC noises

Enough to the groundshaker in the soho

My style is being like a bullet

from the 303 rifles

Drrrrr Drrrrrr Drrrrrr Brooooooowa

I drive it Ford Endeavour with the speed diesel

It is being have the lots tinti windows

The speaker is the JBL big noise hear jalandhar

I break badals Pajero with by hockey sticks

I then do the shit hims Pajero seats

Ice Ice Bhangra Ice Ice Bhangra

Wait the minute gogi drink his juice

No alcohol because its the wrong

Put your whiskey bottle in badals chithar

I not scared i smash bottle him head

Come on sukhbir your mum is doing the farts

I fight you the chandigarh, jalandhar, london towns

Breaks you leg and make you do the cry

Balle Balle Balle

Jarnail Singh do write the books

It is being name I accuse

Please peoples do buy this book

it be tells story the 84 ghallughara

The peoples do it kill sikh naujawans

They name tytler kumar and the bhagat

I shoot thems head with my bara bore

Come on congress dogs i do you fight now

Tytler I do cut your private and put in yours dirty mouth

I make you do bhangra then I cut your nose

Hshhhhhh Hshhhhhhh Hshhhhhhhh Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

Lots the peoples is be RSS

but snoop doggs he is being my brother

Dal Singh I do him respect

He do the help my spell checks

Lots the people do the my joke

But I tell them you are being the wrong

I not be the scared I do them breaks legs

Jagdish Tytler I do the kick ur teeth

I am the sikh sniper

I shoots your mum in her chithar

Then I ask you come fights me

But you being like dirty gandoo dog

Hide in the Sonia bedroom like her fart

But I do find you and do kicks your head

Then I tell the Sikh this is Tytler

He is the son the whore this town

He is being the admin cut and bastard 84

So I do the cut his head

and shove up hims chithar

Because he is being the 100% gandoo

Now lets people see him do breaksdance

Because he the killer sikh in the town

Now I cut batard hims head up his gaand.

Chill Chill Chill Chill Chilll Chilli

I am the Singh lives not in the Delhi

I am lives the nurmahal

But eat the dal fry and mix veg

I see the canada peoples the haveli

They do lots the showoff with their jalebis

I be buys the sweet lassi

It be the 30Rs and I smash the glass

Them canada peoples look my car

I tell them you the gandoos so

dont be look my way

I am the gogi Mc

better than your uncle jazzy b

I am the gangster MC

jazzy b is like a pakora

eats too much and it gives you tatiya

then you do makes clothes dirty

so please dont be listen the jazzy b

wave your hands arms the air

this is being the mc gogi

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