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Some? More like All! Even the presenter was laughing at his illogial reasoning ("Namo Kal Kale")

I think he found only kala kal.What a shit reasoning this crap got.He did not even know when dasam granth sahib was written.The rogue was asking why not amrit banis mentioned in it.Singhs missed to pin him on that.

These people get marked up lines from some unknown sources.He does not know head and tail about concept God and his shakti.Dasam granth is all about god's shakti.

They will not be able to understand dasam Granth banis even for centuries to come.The raeson for that is that they lead a perverted life and are not gurmukhs.

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Most of other points raised are worth not to take up as the psoter has not raed Dasam granth sahib.

I noted the following

1) Mahakal Ko Sikh Kar Madraa Bhaang Peevaye

The above line is from charitra 266.This is a case of ignorance on the part of these pseudo scholars who have not he understanding to decipher this charitra.Nowhere this charitra recommends as being alleged by Jeonwala.He needs to read this charitra properly or go to his masters to understand this charitra.I am sure none of his masters even knows the style of this charitra.

I challenge Jeonwala to come out of his rat hole and face singhs only on this charitra and he will be sent back to that hole again.This is same case as with words he was misreading and labelling those as English words.

Is he accepting the challenge? we will arrange Tv time again.Let us know.

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I'll be coming down for studies in some years. Will meet then.

Matheen, debate got cancelled since other side RAN AWAY. Manprit Singh France began saying I am going to india blablabla. He got scared and removed me from facebook, poor DG fellow. I am not going to debate myself now. Need some DG chelas to rip them in debate.

mod: do you have proof of this?

Zulu, what does it matter to you? You want to do rishta of some family member with my pic?

Let us know if you are ready for debate.Singhs are itching to see you?Are you ready?

Edited by singh2
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Haha your wall is too ugly for a Singh's picture.

Are you really a singh? you need to remove singh from your name as it is not SGGS ji.

Do not try kala afghana tactics of pitting one faction against the otehr.

Where you want the debate to be held?

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It has to do with topic. Bhai Fauja Singh didn't believe in Ragmala and believed KESKI to be Kakkar not KES, you don't agree with him still you respect him because he is a Shaheed.

Same way I don't believe in Dasam Granth, yet I respect Bhai Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale who unfortunately used to do Santhia of Dasam Granth, did its prakash equal to SGGS etc, but thats his own personal views.

Do not equate Bhai fauja singh ji with heretics of drashan das camp.

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Sunny, is apart of the giddar Darshan Panth. Why waste time on a person like this. He bows at the feet of a giddari, congress. Their back is weak and their hands shake. These giddars can't even own up to their demon fathers name. Over the years their demon fathers all rose only to die choking on their own blood. The child of the demon has the same destiny. :D

Note To Moderators:

Since this sunny has only nuisance value and condemns Granth of khalsa panth, i think he should be banned in the same way as on sikh sangat.He needs some more years to come of age when he can discuss something in a matured way.

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