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Holla Mahalla Amrit Sanchaar (Puratan Maryada) - 7Th March 2010


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Contact details at the bottom: (taken from a post on Sikhsangat)

The Panth Khalsa will be holding an Amrit Sanchaar at GurooHargobindSahibJi Gurdvara

Coventry street, Coventry, CV2 4ND.

The Panj Pyare will be

1. Jathedar Baba Tarlok Singh Ji Akali,

2. Baba Bachitar Singh Ji Akali,

3. Baba Parman Singh Ji Akali,

4. Baba Jaswant Singh Ji,

5. Baba Sukhdev Singh Ji.

Amrit sanchaar 7th March 2.30pm

Duration is in Hukam ( May be approx. 3 hours or more )

All abilakhees must be fully ishnaani including kes and must not use the toilet after ishnaan, otherwise perform Panj Ishnana if you go for a (ChitorGharr Torna) Number One, Full ishnaan inc. kais if you go for a ( MadaanKhaidnaa ) Number Two.

Kakaar will be provided at Amrit sanchaar if required, but notice should be given in advance.

If you have your own kakaar organised then please be aware of the following

Kirpan must be a Full shashter and made of SarbLoh, and be in a Gatra as opposed to small kirpan around the neck.

Kanga must be made of wood.

Kara Must be SarabLoh.

Kashera must be white. Dark colours such as black are NOT permitted.

For Singhs the Kashera Should be knee length, ie upto the kneecap or covering the knee cap.

All Men will must NOT wear a Pajaamaa in Darbaar Sahib, therfore a cholaa or Bana would be appropriate

Anyone wanting a Bana who does not have one can contact us so we can make arrangements to provide one that fits.

Your Domala/Dastaar should be tied in such a way so that your kais can easily be accessed and then be covered again.

Anyone who is married should come to the AmritSanchaar as a couple, other circumstances should be discussed with the Singhs who will be performing the Amrit Sanchaar before hand, on the number below.

Anyone wanting to paish infront of the PanjPyare can do so and should arrive early.

Choolaa can be given to young children at the end of the amrit sanchaar.

Anyone who has not be named according the Khalsa's Maryada will be renamed.

A Licence will be provided at the end of the Amrit Sanchaar by Jathedar Baba Tarlok Singh Ji. The licence confirms you are of the Panth Khalsa and contains the rehait nama confirming the Khalsa requirements to carry weapons, as well as the Law in India and UK that confirms the Khalsa's rights to carry weapons.

The PanjPyare are all following the Puraatan Maryada of GurooGobindSinghJi's Khalsa.

The requirement for all is to give your head, please keep this in mind before you attend.

Sevadaars will be present to explain details in english if necassary on the day.

Please contact 07976971894 for general enquiries.

PanjPyare contact number is 07574466243.

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