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Manpaal Singh

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vaheguru ji ka khalsa

vaheguru ji ki fathe

i have some amazing dvd's sent from india. i was told to put the on the internet, i figured youtube would be the best place.

i was wandering if ne1 here knows what free(i know im cheap, but oh well) software to use to edit the video, i need to cut some parts out, change the audio (put kirtan mp3 as the background audio), split it in2 10min parts as youtube has a 10minute limit.

thanks in advanced, and just to let you know, it is some amazing footage.

mahakaal ji sahai

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free would be windows movie maker alot of people use it can be wonderful others adobe products are wonderful for paid ones, youtube only lets you host up to 10 minutes so you can make it part by part or you can put it on another website like www.vimeo.com it has better quality is faster then youtube and will allow you to upload more.

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