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Was Sikhi Easier, Harder Or The Same For The Sikh's In Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Time Then Today?

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Here is a question that I've been thinking about for a while. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji went around his tours of Asia preaching Sikhi. Most likely spending a few days at each location giving updesh and putting people on the right path to realise Ik OngKar, Kartapurkh. Therefore given all the information, parchar, maryadas, rehits, branches of today has Sikhi become more complicated for us than those of who were given updesh by Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

It is not my intention to discredit or disapprove of anything that is in existence today but wondering have we lost the real essence of what was supposed to be the real simple goal.

Bhul chuk marf if this is a controversial topic and needs to be removed.

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