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Anniversary Of The Battle Of Mudki


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In this day and age where I see people celebrating soldiers of imperialistic armies engaging in morally questionable wars around me. Here is to remembering our heroes. Real heroes, defending their homeland against foreign imperialism. God bless your souls and may the panth never forget your sacrifices.

Anniversary of the Battle of Mudki


Today, the 18th of November is the 165th anniversary of Mudki, where around 3000 Sikh infantrymen battled with the over 12,000 strong main British army led by Sir H.Gough in a furious battle lasting well over eight hours in the initial contest of the First Anglo-Sikh War.

The Sikh commanders, Lal Singh and Tej Singh kept the two main Sikh armies static at the Ferozeshah camp and outside Ferozpore city leaving the small Mudki contingent to fend for itself. Despite the huge disparity in numbers, it was noted the number of Sikh dead was seen to be around the same as the British dead.

In any other country this would be lauded as a great and famous stand against a disciplined and far more numerous foe and fit to be remembered. Unfortunatley in Punjab and in the fields of Mudki, there is nothing but the old British monument to remind passersby of the battle.

“In this battle as in all others in which the Sikhs were our adversaries, their gunners were conspicuous for their reckless braveryand devotion to their guns. They never left them, but died rather than yield; and there were no white flags and no quarter asked or given by either side, so we just had to fight it out” – Col. Robertson, Mudki


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I wish in the future Sikhs can build a monument commemorating all the battles of the Anglo-Sikh war. In fact, there should be a monument at every place a battle happened during the two great wars.

It is interesting that even though the Sikhs were outnumbered in all the battles, yet when you read the British account of the battles, they will inflate the numbers of the Sikhs trying to show that it was the British who were outnumbered, just look at the account of the battles in wikipedia where they give the over exaggerated inflated numbers according to British accounts. This is orientalist version of history. Is there any way we can change this because it is very misleading on wikipedia's part.

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