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Sgpc Passed Rs.580 Crore Annual Budget

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SGPC passed Rs.580 crore annual budget

Punjab Newsline Network

Thursday, 24 March 2011

By Jagmohan Singh

AMRITSAR: SGPC (Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee) known as Mini Parliament of Sikhs in its annual Budget estimates for the financial year 2011-20112 has earmarked Rs. 580 crore for promoting and carrying religious and educational activities.

However, the Last year budget of SGPC for the year of 2010-2011 was Rs. 508 crore.

SGPC General Secretary Sukhdev Singh Bhaur presented the budget in the presence of SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar, five Sikh head priests including the Jathedar Akal Takht Gyani Gurbachan Singh and adequate strength 116 out of 172 of SGPC members.

According to the copy of the budget SGPC this time has earmarked Rs.44 crore for General Board funds, Rs. 19 crore for Trust Funds, Rs. 17 crore for education, Rs. 6 crore for printing press for promoting of Sikh religious activities. However, Rs. 40 crore was earmarked for religious activities; whereas last year it was 46 crore as Rs. 6 crore were reduced this time. Similarly, Rs. 84 crore for Educational Institutions being run by SGPC in Punjab and its neighboring state Haryana. Whereas, SGPC this time has kept Rs. 368 crore for the management of all Gurdwaras falling under the jurisdiction all over Punjab and Haryana under section 85 of Gurdwara Act.

Earlier, SGPC member and self styled leader of Haryana Gurdwara Committee Jagdish Singh Chinnda has created scene in the budget session when he submitted his resignation as SGPC Member for alleged biased attitude of SGPC towards development of Haryana based Gurdwaras. But his resignation was not accepted by the executive committee members led by Makkar.

Describing resignation of Chinnda as political stunt, Makkar said that since SGPC General Elections were around the corner and Chinnda intended to get cheap political mileage besides to create disturbance during election.

Budget was passed amidst chaos when SGPC members from Haryana led by Jagdish Singh Chinnda raised their voice against the budget in the session while saying that it was not acceptable. They said that SGPC Amritsar was biased with the State of Haryana as not giving adequate attention for the educational institutions there.

However, all the Punjab based pro SAD Badal SGPC members who were present in the budget session gave their consent and appreciated the budget.

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has earmarked Rs. 580 crore for promoting and carrying religious and educational activities.

Ha ha ha ha!! lol-045.gif

Nearly pissed myself laughing with that one.

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Does anyone know what this "Rs.580 crore" would be in sterling?

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So where does it go?

Well there is corruption their so one cannot say that full amount goes for the purpose for which it is allotted ,but on the other hand we must not forget some amount goes for langars,maintaince of Gurdwara's ,salaries of various sewadars,grants to Sikh schools and colleges etc.

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