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Sikh Fortress Turban

Guest zulu

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was that an official talk planned by the museum or did he just go there and start talking? lol

i dont recall seeing it listed on the british museum website list of talks.

It was an official talk planned by the museum.

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Parmjit does a fair bit of research. although powerpoint presentation might've been better than making the goray stand for 50 minuites biggrin.gif

No man. He is doing seva for sarbat. If he doesn't keep them busy, you know what these goray are like! They'd probably be starting a war somewhere! lol

I watched some of that vid, seemed really interesting, shame about the poor sound quality.

He mentions some nihang who was slapped across the face by some Christian missionary (sortly after annexation) for refusing to bow down to him. This guy apparently later murdered a missionary in revenge a few years later.

It's like the hitherto unspoken of insults and degradation of apnay post 'annexation' is being exposed. He makes a point about the British targeting nihangs and only tolerating docile ones. Interesting points.

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