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The Emergence Of Modern ‘Sikh Theology'.

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I don't know what people will make of this paper. It's pretty academic (I needed the online dictionary a good few times!) but quite short for these type of things.

The subjects broached are of interest to me on a number of levels, especially in terms of the perceived influence of the colonisers and their ideas on interpretations of Sikhi. The author gives his opinions on the transformations he believes took place portraying Bhai Vir Singh in quite a critical light.

I don't know what his big point is? That Sikhs interpreted Sikhi differently after colonisation due to the introduction of western ideas and classification? I don't get his argument? It almost excludes the possibility that the purported new approaches (referred to as hermeneutics) that were applied to bani actually helped distill the essence? His observations regarding the inherent difficulties with Macauliffe's translations are interesting but something that would afflict every translation of any religious material if not every translation of any material of any depth!

I understand that the dominant form of 'Sikh theology' we have today has been decontextualised from a direct Indic context to one mediated by western post enlightment moorings, I wonder what the implications of this is for us?

I put it up for anyone interested:


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