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After Wheat, Punjab Pools Maximum Rice In Nation’S Food Kitty


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After wheat, Punjab pools maximum rice in nation’s food kitty

Shivani Bhakoo

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 18

Though West Bengal is the largest producer of paddy (15 million tonnes) in the country, its share in the nation’s food kitty is just about 3 per cent. Though Punjab has produced 11 per cent rice in the country, it has contributed the maximum i.e. 31 per cent.

In 2010-11, Punjab has put 8.63 million tonnes of rice in the central pool. A total of 28.17 million tonnes of rice has been procured by the Centre through different rice-producing states.

According to FCI data, Punjab has pooled maximum wheat and rice to the central pool.

After Punjab, Andhra Pradesh comes at number two with 21 per cent (5.89 million tonnes), Chhattisgarh pooled 3.34 million tonnes (13 per cent) and Uttar Pradesh contributed 8 per cent (2.34 million tonnes). Haryana and Tamil Nadu put in 6 per cent (1.69 million tonnes) and 4.5 per cent (1.29 million tonnes).

Expressing satisfaction over the large production of rice in Punjab, Dr MS Sidhu, Professor and Head, Department of Economics and Sociology, Punjab Agriculture University, said that Punjab farmers were filling lakhs of empty stomachs each year by contributing the maximum. But still 90 per cent of the wheat in Punjab was lying in the open.

"Though rice is kept inside the godowns, yet Punjab needs 7 million tonnes of storage capacity at the earliest to accommodate its total production of rice and wheat," said Dr Sidhu.

National total 28.17

The top six

Punjab 8.63

Andhra Pradesh 5.89

Chhattisgarh 3.34

Uttar Pradesh 2.34

Haryana 1.69

Tamil Nadu 1.29

All figures in million tonnes


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Does this mean the farmers of Panjab are generally doing well and making a reasonable living?

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Does this mean the farmers of Panjab are generally doing well and making a reasonable living?

I don't think Farmers of Punjab are stupid .If they are growing it then they are getting something.The problem of Punjab and almost entire Indian Youth they all want very high income and this is teh root cause of majority of all Indian problems

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