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Heart Disease And Diabetes Among Pak Punjabi's

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The below is content from Pakistani site about Genes ,lifestyle and Diet among Pakistani's.As Sikhs are genetically very close to Pakistani's I think this study is worth reading.


Pakistani GENES and Pakistani Lifestyle

Pakistanis are born with genetic disorder called INSULIN RESISTENCE. In simple English it means Pakistani is born with tendency to gain weight and develop diabetes and to have Low HDL and high Triglycerides that leads to Heart Disease. Pakistanis are prone to have Heart Disease and Diabetes. Some Pakistani develop heart disease and do not live long enough to develop Diabetes and some Pakistani develop Diabetes and may develop Heart Disease later on.

Only way to overcome this genetic Defect is to stay thin, slim and be physically very active. Obesity is not acceptable at any cost. It is important to be physically active.

Let me give you some examples

1) Physically active Person who slows down at the 55 or 60 when his son grows up and takes Charge of Family Business. He gains few pounds and often become victim of Diabetes and/or Heart Disease.

2) Physically active Person who slows down at the age of 70, gains weight and often develop Diabetes.

3) Regular Pakistanis who are overweight and use scooters/cars are getting Diabetes at the age of 40 -45 or even at younger age.

4) Army Officers who are promoted from Field jobs to Desk jobs in their 40’s often gain weight and develop Diabetes and or Heart Disease. There is lot of Heart Disease and/or Diabetes in Retired army officers.

5) Tractor Driving Farmers – Fathers plowed the fields by walking behind the bulls, shoveled the land and grew their crops all their lives working whole day from dawn to dusk. They lived long lives. Diabetes and Heart Disease was unknown. Now the sons plow the field by riding the Tractor and when sun gets hot they come home and watch TV. Little things are done by hired hands. These sons are getting Diabetes. Prevention of Diabetes and Heart disease simply means being Slim and physically active because genes for heart disease and Diabetes are already present in Every Pakistani. He Slows down and those genes become active. So you should walk daily and walk away from your genes, Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Earning Hand and Diabetes

It is usually the earning hand in the family who develops Diabetes. Since Pakistani is Male oriented society, it is usually the father who becomes Diabetic. Man gets lot of Protection. He is seldom criticized for his actions. He can get away with little Hashish, Opium or Alcohol addiction. Two of the biggest Risk Factors eg. Obesity and smoking are normal in many households. Wife has no leverage to tell her husband anything. By the time man of house is 35 years old he has 3 – 4 children. If he develops any sickness, fate of the whole family is in Jeopardy. If he has burning pain in the legs (Neuropathy) Hearth disease or just the fear of low blood Glucose, he has the whole family wrapped around his little finger. Part of being Good Son, Good Husband and Good Father is to stay healthy.

Source of Health Information

Pakistanis do not read much in spare time. They would rather spend time with friends. Even with their friends there is no exchange of good ideas. Mostly there are jokes and never ending half convincing political discussion.

When Pakistani gets sick, he falls harder. Beloved Prophet stressed seeking knowledge and information but Pakistanis choose to stay ignorant.


SHOULD PAKISTANIS REALLY EAT BURGERS, PIZZA, FRIED CHICKEN AND KABOBS? CASE FOR SIMPLE FOODS -Pakistanis should eat whole wheat, Bread, Beans, Lentil, Fruits almost daily and they should eat meat only twice a week (four ounces/ day)

Burger, Pizza, have lot of calories and Fat. Fried Chicken has Trans fats and Kabob has lot of Fat and cancer promoting chemicals. All of those chemicals promote Diabetes and Heart Disease. Meat of all kind in Excess also damages the kidneys.

1) Pakistanis lives have been simple. Back in 30s and 40s – Muslims lived in villages. With independence of the country, Hindus left their shops and businesses in cities to Muslims. Most of Pakistanis even now live in the villages and live simple lives. They eat Simple food. Work hard whole day and they are not overweight. They die of infection or old age. They do not have much Diabetes and Heart Disease.

2) With Money Pakistanis started to eat a lot of meat. They do not use oven to bake food. They fry food with Ghee, with that comes Trans fats. With money also came scooters/cars and servants and

Pakistanis started to gain a lot of weight

3) Genes – Pakistanis have genes which simultaneously cause them to have diabetes and Heart Disease. Pakistani may develop Heart Disease and die of it before living long enough to have Diabetes. What suppresses those genes is thin, slim body (No Fat) and daily walking (converting the bad chemicals into Good – One of God's Miracles resides in moving body and not the stationery one). In stationery body – These genes becomes active.

4) Sudden Deaths 40 – 50% of deaths in Heart Disease are sudden. They die at work place or home. There is no time to go to Hospital. There is no time to treat them. Most of them are Men. They are in the fifties and some in forties. Few in thirties. They are the only bread earners in the Family. Back in 90s my nephew died of heart disease when he was 37 years old. Six years later my sister died of Empty Heart in America. One Heart death kills one person. In Pakistan, One heart death destroys the whole family.

5) Delay in Diagnosis. Pakistani either they do not know warning sign of Heart Attack/Disease or

they are too scared to go to Hospital. Few can afford to see specialists. Simple uncomplicated Heart Attack can be ignored. Heart Procedures like Angioplasty and Heart Bypass are available only in big

cities and without health Insurance Pakistani cannot afford them. Heart Disease is diagnosed when it is advanced or it is allowed to advance because of inadequate treatment (either Physician does not prescribe it or patient cannot afford it.

6) Emotional Courage. 52 years old Akbar (Cloth Merchant) had Mild Heart Attack and he has been

having chest pain with little walk. He has been told that he needs angiogram. He may need Heart Bypass. Even though he has 4 -5 Lakh rupees to undergo treatment, whole family is scared. He is only bread earner in the family. Family is dependent on him and he is scared to risk his life. He has no person to look after his business if anything happens to him. He would risk his health and future of his whole family and not find courage for Heart Bypass. Why Akbar got heart disease?

a) His genes

B) Sitting in shop whole day and eating fatty foods

Three Miles daily walk would have kept Akbar healthy. Pakistani may have money for Meat, Kabobs and fried food but they do not have money for Heart Bypass. They do not have family support and not all of them have a good hospital close by. Pakistani should live simple lives, eating Meat

only Twice a week.


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