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Have I Got Abit More News For You Racist Remarks About Sikhs

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I saw the video below on the Sikh Channel. Although it was not directly a joke about Sikhs, the presenter, Chris Addison still made an offensive comment, saying "Towelhead". The original show was shown on 4th Nov 2010. I am quite disappointed because I have often watched this show in the past.


Please complain at https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/?id=K6K2CH6KR853BDA922ANSQKD34&uid=514527053

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How were HIGNFY's comments offensive. the way I see it they were making a joking/sarcastic remark against the US TV presenter. Then again its the type of wit that only certain people will understand.

I do think we sikhs are being a tad big softies these days.

Anyway after all this time what do SC hope to achieve by complaining to the Beeb? Apart from increased ratings from the sikh youth who think SC are standing up for their rights.

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