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Sant Jagit Singh Ji Harkhowalae

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I get the feeling that the gurmatveechar.com thread has got to such a length that no one can be bothered to have a look anymore so for that reason i thought i would make a seperate thread for this

Below is a link to the katha by Sant jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowalae which was done earlier this year in Australia. The links are to the videos only at this point. Please take some time to listen or download the katha



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Kam1825 jeeo

When will you be uploading more katha of Giani Mohan Singh ji Bhindranwale.

Listening to their katha is pure anand.

I know that Giani ji published 'Gurbani Paath Darshan' written by Giani Gurbachan Singh ji, but I was wondering if Giani Mohan Singh ji has written any literature himself? Does Giani ji still do katha every sangrand? Do you have any literature relating to Giani ji? Information on giani ji is scarce. It would be interesting to read anything in relation to the jeevan of Giani ji.

Please reply this time bhai sahib : )

Rabb Rakhe

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