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So Called Modern Sikhs


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Since the riots in Uk started I read praise for sikhs everywhere ,even in Indian media but our the so called modern or progressive sikhs don't share this view

Take a look what TLH blogger is saying and what type of commenst are their


With all due respect to the Sikh in question, BBC radio has repeatedly aired a 30 second soundbite from a young man threatening to kill anyone who enters the Gurdwara. Leaving aside how the story of Bhai Dalla is relevant here, his passionate claim and youthful zeal did our cause no favours. He came off sounding blood-thirsty, intolerant and thuggish – everything that the last few days should be disintegrating. Never one to shy away


· 9 hours ago

Older generations stuck in the past, younger generations not broad minded enough. UK Sikhs certainly need to change the way they think and perceive the greater good. We need to clean up our own house first by removing the greedy committees that claim to run our gurdwarae and we need to educate through Sikhi and modern schooling. We Sikhs have a rare moment in the spotlight to shine and project onto the world values of truth, respect and selfless service while maintaining grace and decorum under fire that becomes a true Sikh.

A simple message to the so called Sikhs who brandished weapons and threatened to kill while standing outside Gurdwara Sahib. Your not Sikhs. Your a disgrace. Your no better than the rioters.

Moreover there is 44 comments fiery discussion is going where many people are supporting that the person who said that he will kill anyone is wrong

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LOL the comments are pretty funny. Blighty Singh is pretty funny. As for the political correctness, you get so many sikhs like this in the UK. Sikhs who threaten violence are vicious monsters and mini-Bhindranwales but the people who loot are disadvantaged poor youth who have no other option as they have no opportunity :rolleyes: .

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this fu*ker should have been on soho roads when the rioters had come. gues what ? i am not surprised because here i see such sikhs and hindus by the dozen.

the most common statements come from such people " what will a three inch kirpan do ? " " this is the time for atom bombs why do u insist on those 12 bore double barrels ?"

these morons will not spend 20 rupeees for lathi in a house, do u think they have the heart for anyting else ? morons to the core !!!!

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